Anasus Lab is a company dedicated to the research and development of hardware equipments, inside the International KNX Standard for Home and Building Automation.

Also, Anasus Lab develops specific KNX interfaces for manufactures who wish to introduce their products in the KNX standard.


Anasus Lab is the result of the collaboration of a team of engineers specialized in hardware development, searching for unique solutions that the market demands to increase the actual value of KNX installations.

We are prepared to design and come up with solutions covering a wide range of needs within the framework of international KNX standard. From the most simple and specific to the most sophisticated KNX projects of big complexity and volume, which require deep knowledge and resources, involving the different areas of specialization of KNX standard.



Innovative products


In Anasus Lab we know that only can satisfy the needs of our customers if we know them in-depth. Therefore, always we try understand their priorities and needs in their KNX projects.


From our perspective, our team is able to create really optimized solutions that meet the necessities of KNX system integrators even before the need is created, that go beyond their expectations and that add a significant value to their projects and installations.





We have the necessary flexibility to quickly respond to the unexpected needs of our customers. Often we go beyond agreements, giving responses to unexpected situations. This way, we act with responsibility and diligence, searching the appropriate solution in order to then adapt it to the new scenario of the contractual framework.


Why Anásus Lab