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Increase the productivity of your KNX projects and save time thanks to the Anasus Lab solutions for KNX professionals.


Is your KNX system isolated? Can your customer really take full profit of all the possibilities of his KNX home from everywhere? Anyway, our solutions open a door to actual optimization of the International KNX Standard, allowing real connection to your KNX system. At the same time, your customers will obtain the maximum performance and will enjoy all benefits of their KNX installation from any remote place.


All our products are always innovative and functional, and the design made by thinking of the needs of the end-customer.


New functionality

  • Detects bus voltage drops and switches the backup source before it runs out of voltage, avoiding that the bus components restart because of a lack of power supply.






Main features 4COM Unit

  • New logical function: More versatile.
  • Thermostat: conversions between bits and bytes.
  • More DPT: Including 4 bytes.
  • No need of restarting the device to change parameters..
  • English version.











Main features 4LINE Unit

  • Line supervisor for up to 4 KNX lines.
  • Detection when main power bus fails and also in case of short-circuit, including warning thanks to a voltage free relais.
  • In case that one line fails, the device switches the internal power supply or another external to supply energy to the line that has failed.
  • It allows establishing priorities of switching internal power supply to different lines depending of its priority.
  • It allows the use of the internal power supply as a bus power supply.
  • The LEDs indicate the status of the supervised lines: Bus power failure and Bus short.














Innovative products

Our goal is help KNX professionals and the KNX international standard come together with one voice. Our mission is to help our customers to reduce the costs, the complexity and the risk in every KNX project.