4LINE Unit

4 LINE UNIT It’s a security device to avoid possible failures of bus power supplies. The device is able to monitor up to 4 bus lines. In case of one of them failing, the device uses its internal bus power supply or an external to in order to supply the line that has failed. Thus, the installation will never lack power supply. It doesn’t need configuration, only plug and play.

Main features 4LINE Unit

  • Line supervisor for up to 4 KNX lines.
  • Detection when main power bus fails and also in case of short-circuit, including warning thanks to a voltage free relais.
  • In case that one line fails, the device switches the internal power supply or another external to supply energy to the line that has failed.
  • It allows establishing priorities of switching internal power supply to different lines depending of its priority.
  • It allows the use of the internal power supply as a bus power supply.
  • The LEDs indicate the status of the supervised lines: Bus power failure and Bus short-circuit.




This may be of interest to you

4 COM UNIT It allows both the user and the system integrator to establish from a remote place, a bidirectional communication with a KNX installation through missed calls, SMS messages, e-mails, GPRS connection and visualization. In addition, it has a powerful logic module, date/time to send to the bus and time switches. The entire configuration is made using the integrated web server.